Expert Assembly: Safety Comes First

Accurate Assembly,  assembles trampolines, treadmills, exercise bikes, basketball hoops, grills, swing sets, playsets, furniture, foosball tables, tennis tables, game tables, fire pits, professional installation and accurate assembly of anything with or without directions. Gas grills, trampolines, playground equipment, bunkbeds etc., can be dangerous if not properly assembled. Don’t put your family at risk. 

Make Sure the Assembly Enhances the Quality of the Product

When you purchase  a product ​that requires assembly and you don’t really have the skills to handle the job yourself, don’t run the risk of turning your brand new product into something that is unworthy of the money you spent. Don’t invest in a product and immediately devalue it by putting it together inaccurately and create a potentially hazardous situation.

Keep it Stress Free: Enjoy your New Purchase

Knowing your product was put together using ALL the supplied parts and pieces, with the correct tools (the exact size screwdriver not the kitchen table knife), by an experienced  professional  gives you the peace of mind that it was done accurately and results in the confident enjoyment of your purchase.