Assembled Right the First Time

Play Set and Swing Set Safely Assembled

It’s so much fun to to watch the kids play on play sets and swing sets but if you have to assemble them… the nightmare begins. With most sets including hundreds of pieces of wood and over 2000 nuts, bolts, washers, and screws, this is the time when you need a professional from Accurate Assembly to do the job.  We have the right tools, experience and 5 star quality work, to get the job done so you and your family can safely enjoy your purchase… instead of wondering if it was a good idea to play on the set at all!  No worrying about having leftover parts. Our technicians will complete a safety test and will not leave until it gets the swing of approval.


Relocation and Refurbishing

Sometimes it becomes necessary to relocate the play set to another part of the property or to move it to an entirely different piece of property. Accurate has disassembled sets, moved them and reassembled them in other locations for our customers many times. In addition, sometimes the sets become rusted, splintered or rotted, in which case Accurate Assembly has refurbishing programs to meet your maintenance needs.

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