Chia Farming Rig

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Chia Farming Rig Assembly

Chia Farming Rigs are a great way to make passive income, Chia is the most profitable cryptocurrency mineable, you use empty hdd storage space to farm chia and receive chia coins for contributing to the network. this can be done with your hardware you already own or new hardware.

A detailed list of hardware can be recommended if you heed help with your farm

The unique part about chia is if you farm chia you can farm almost, any other alt coin of chia Simultaneously by design.

Needed to hold hdds

this is used to hold the drives to keep them connected, to the computer and keep farming on the chia blockchain.

farming and plotting Rig

the dell optiplex 7010 can do about 1tb a day of plots.

the HP computer would be able to get more done faster as it has more cores and threads

These computers can support 22 drives for farming = 279 tb with adaptors this pc using 14tb drives

drives needed

A hdd is needed to hold the plots.

A ssd or nvme is needed to create the plots.

different drives are recommended for different systems

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